DO SCIENCE BY INQUIRY Fall 2017 Short Course for Elementary Students (AGES 8 - 12)

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Please note that this registration is a commitment to attending classes and completing assignments for the entire fall 2017 semester (October – December 2017).  Please do not submit a request to be registered unless you have read through the entire Program Description, Class Schedule, and Illness Policy (all linked below) and are in agreement with the terms set forth in all three.  

This course has been designed as a drop-off course for Elementary Students (AGES 8 - 12) who are able to read and write independently and behave appropriately in a structured classroom setting.  Parents (or other caregivers appointed by parents) will be required to go inside to sign students in before each class and then students should be prepared to attend class with just their instructor and peers.  Parents are free to leave a contact number where they can be reached and then go off campus once they have signed their children in for class.  Parents and siblings are also welcome to stay on property and enjoy the grounds while students are in classes.  If you have a student who requires special accommodations (learning disability, physical restrictions, need for presence of aide or service animal, etc.), please contact so that appropriate arrangements can be made with the instructor and facility.

All classes will take place from  1PM - 3PM on select Tuesdays and will be taught by Gail Westcot at the Mary Kahrs Warnell Forest Education Center.

The Do Science by Inquiry Short Course for Elementary School Homeschool Students is aimed at teaching the process of science through student-driven investigations.  The first half of the course will focus on science investigations led by the course instructor on various topics chosen by the course instructor.  The second half of the course will focus on science investigations led by the students on topics chosen by the students.  The overall goal of the course is to build the student’s confidence in conducting science investigations while also building skills such as observation, record-keeping, critical thinking, and awareness.

Program Description, including Course Objectives, Who Can Participate, Attendance Policy, and Date Class will Meet can be viewed here.

Class Schedule, including Lectures, Activities, and Homework, can be viewed here.

Illness Policy can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT!!!  Use the map and directions posted here to reach the Mary Kahrs Warnell Forest Education Center.  If you put the address for the center into your navigation system, it will send you to the wrong location on the other side of Guyton.

Directions to the Center:

From I-95: Exit at Exit 102 in Pooler. Go West on Hwy 80 to Faulkville. Turn right on Highway 17 going North. Go 3 miles and look for our sign on the left!

From I-16: Exit at Exit 152. Go North on Highway 17 until it intersects Highway 80. Turn left on Highway 80. In Faulkville, turn right on Highway 17 going North. Go 3 miles and look for our sign on the left.

By requesting to be registered for this event, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service.

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